"The Sacred Heart of one Johanee Darko"

Meet the Sacred Hearted Johanee Darko and experience the Coming Together Time. Fall in Love with Johanee Darko, an abandoned, abused, and lost child in the Desire area of New Orleans.

Johanee Darko leads the Sacred Hearted Movement to a following of millions and towards The Coming Together Time. As a teenage girl who was born into poverty and abuse she emerges as the Savior of the World.

Care of Shan

The Mirror, the Window,
and the Wall

The Mirror, the Window, and the Wall: "The Life-Changing Power of Finding Your True Self" instructs us to discover the most important questions to be asked of ourselves. Who am I? and What am I?


We may be spiritually asleep but physically awake, hiding behind a persona that has been assigned to us through societal pressure. We have been consumed by what other people thing of us. Driven by body images thrust on us by corporate advertising, skewed versions of success tied to monetary gains, a lack in modern society of credence and importance to the spiritual life's journey and stereotypical molds we are asked to fit into based on sex, race, age and education.

Awakened Giant

Awakened Giant,
Sleeping Spirit

Kenny G. Down's premiere work is a heartfelt, beautiful, sometimes startlingly painful exploration of the peaks and valleys of those who suffer from addiction - and one man's journey to both recovery and salvation.

Semi-autobiographical in nature, this fictional tale resounds with truth on every page. Anyone who has suffered from the pains of addiction themselves, or suffered alongside a loved one who has will experience new meaning and find new truths with a wide cast of characters.

Care of Shan

The Care and Keeping
of A Shan

This fun and whimsical look at "Lessons for the Care and Keeping of a Marriage" is author Kenny Down's instruction manual for the care and keeping of his wife Shannon D. Down. It's one thing to get married; it's a whole other thing to KEEP a marriage or relationship.

Getting into a relationship is one thing; staying together is where The Care and Keeping of A Shan is focused.

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